Dying Art of Handwritten Communication in Business

Dying Art of Handwritten Communication in Business

It is quite obvious that, with the ever increasing development in technology, we are losing intimacy in both personal and professional communication at an alarming rate. With the click of a button, a message can be sent across the world to your friend or can seal the deal of a corporate account within seconds.

Advantages of Letters vs Email Communication

With the ease of email and messaging we have simply forgotten how important it is to spend the time to show the recipient they are important and, what’s more, singular from the millions of other emails that are sent throughout the day.

Writing letters may seem outdated with cell phones, email and text messages. But writing and receiving a letter offers an experience modern technology cannot come close to.

Losing the Message and Spam

When going through your mailbox and figuring out which letter is rubbish and who is trying to woo you into a buying a credit card or forking over your retirement is much, much easier than going through the emails.

Nowadays, the art of spamming, phishing, malwares, viruses, or other new terms that pops up each day has become a full fledged industry. The ease of sending emails vs the labor and cost of letters is what has made it become a more popular method of communication.

Additionally, finding email addresses that are associated with product content and then automating some type of algorithm for your target audience makes this type of marketing a no brainer.

With all this said, the downside is that it is quite easy for your important email to get sent to the spam box, deleted, or not even opened. According to email marketing stats, 69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line. The amount of emails vs letters we receive makes this highly unlikely to happen when receiving a handwritten letter.

Being Creative and Standing out from your Competitors

In today’s world it is becoming very difficult to be different and stand out as almost everyone shares the same apps or technology and we all send the same gifs, media, docs or pdfs. Emails are just simply easy to write and free to send. When you receive an email, it is not too exciting when you expect to see another mundane attachment.

What can be exciting, on the other hand, is to get a letter from someone that has taken the time to personally write and craft it while showing off their unique taste or personality. The art of creative writing and using some type of distinctive stationery or personalized business envelopes will demonstrate how different your business is from boring unimaginative competitors.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

To put a letter in the post and allow for others to handle your message doesn’t seem very reliable or even private. However, nowadays with exponential increasing numbers of malware, and privacy breaches; email is constantly attacked by hackers and, therefore, unsafe.

All it takes is one wrong click and your whole email can be compromised. When writing a letter, it cannot ever be phished from the documented www and/or retrieved at a later date and used against you.

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