Gartner: Marketers Should Focus on Campaign Management's Critical Capabilities

Gartner: Marketers Should Focus on Campaign Management's Critical Capabilities

While nearly 70% of marketers want to orchestrate more consistent cross-channel experiences for their customers individually, they must balance that strategic priority against the need to drive specific conversion rates on their campaigns. 

The technologies to power those campaigns have sometimes been spun up in isolation. On one hand, you have traditional campaign management tools to manage your marketing list, perform segmentation, and manage digital assets.  These have existed for a decade or more. 

But during the past few years, the need to focus on customer journeys has brought on the rise of marketing orchestration—a centralized canvas to build individual customer experiences that adapt based on customer behaviors, preferences, and interests. Any channel—whether it’s mobile, email, social, display advertising, or web—can be managed by marketing teams or their agencies in one location.

The convergence of these worlds of cross-channel marketing and campaign management might be close at hand if you read Gartner’s latest report, Critical Capabilities for Multichannel Campaign Management

The report assessed a combination of traditional campaign management solutions alongside Modern Marketing orchestration in the Oracle Marketing Cloud. 

Assessing Oracle’s placement, Gartner writes: 

Oracle's Marketing Cloud offers one of the strongest, most consistent sets of functions in the MCCM market. It scores high on all use cases (campaign creation and measurement are the strongest scenarios). In every capability, the product scores at least a Good rating, while some are Excellent (multidimensional segmentation, campaign workflow and content marketing), and it receives Outstanding marks for email marketing. 

As the market matures, we expect to see a convergence of these features continue. As it stands today, a good portion of Oracle Marketing Cloud customers integrate their cross-channel orchestration alongside traditional campaign management. 

To learn more about how the capabilities of multichannel marketing were evaluated, read the full Gartner report.



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