Get on These Digital Marketing Trends to Get Ahead in 2017

Get on These Digital Marketing Trends to Get Ahead in 2017

Digital Marketing is the lifeblood of home businesses in 2017. The competition is getting more fierce all the time. Can you afford to fall behind? As we continue into the new year here are a few of the digital marketing trends we expect to see rise over 2017.

If you get a handle on some of these upcoming trends early, you’ll position your business on the leading edge of digital marketing activity. Here are five digital marketing trends that home businesses can adopt easily and cost effectively.


1. Big Brands are Turning to Niche Markets…

… and so should you. For small businesses, it can be hard to make your voice heard, especially in the digital space. Big brands have gotten wise to this and are targeting niche audiences to get an edge . But, as a small business, you’re better positioned to do this.

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Directly and aggressively targeting a single niche audience is not as cost effective for the big boys, so a focused approach can pay dividends for small businesses. It’s really important to know your offering and carve a specific niche out for yourself. The key is to really understand who you are and who your audience is, then tailor all your online marketing efforts to the cause.

2. Dense Content

People used to think that having lots and lots of pages full of content is how to win at SEO. That just isn’t the same anymore. People becoming blind to the same old offerings online and content fatigue is a real problem. I could say “Content is King”, but it’s a phrase that’s been used so often over the last 5 years that we’re all blind to it. The phrase is meaningless and odds are you’d skip that section to the next one. Condensed, valuable and engaging content is what works today.

So don’t write the same old rubbish we’ve read a thousand times. Create content with a user experience in mind. People want nice, quick, chunky pieces of content to consume with ease. Not only will it help your SEO, but also solidify your brand as an authority and a valuable source of information.

3. Start a Conversation

Personal assistants like Cortana and Siri are getting people used to the idea of a conversational experience when browsing the webs. Some retail companies are already using Chat Bots on their websites and through social messaging apps. Chat Bots are changing the way people engage with brands online and will play a valuable role in the years to come.

For small businesses, this can be done easily with apps like, which attaches a chat window to your site so your customers can engage with you on a more personal level. By making a personal connection through a chat, you can effectively sell your offerings in real time. You can also use Facebook Messenger to host a chat bot to handle common queries. Not only do these features enhance the user experience, they make your business more efficient.

4. Take Advantage of Video Ads

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. But making video content is an expensive and skill-intensive endeavour and beyond the ability of many small businesses. However, Facebook video ads are short, need no sound and, if properly targeted, only cost 1-2p per impression.

A good video ad offers a host of benefits. By recording the right subject, you can even do it with nothing more than a phone and a selfie stick. Video ads are 35% more effective at converting sales than regular ads and are shared more than any other social media content. So for a little bit of investment, your ad can go a long way.

For the best results, keep it hyper-targeted to your niche audience, under 30 secs and have it autoplay. For a small business with restricted resource, video ads are a very cost-effective way to tap into the popularity of video content.

This last trend is so old it isn’t trendy any more, but it is still relevant…

5. Be Mobile Friendly

Smartphones account for almost 60% of all search queries, even more so for local searches. If you’re a small home business and don’t have a mobile-friendly site, the time has come. Mobile isn’t a trend any more, it’s the norm and your customers are turned off by mobile unfriendly sites. More than two thirds of searchers that land on a mobile unfriendly site will leave and not come back. Don’t miss your mobile customers!

Fortunately, there are a number of mobile-friendly themes on WordPress that are easy to implement, so making the switch is not as hard as it seems.

These are the trends that we here at MRS Digital have got our eyes on. 2017 is going to be all about local search, quality content and new ways of accessing the web. Ultimately, the future is mobile, so if you only do one thing in 2017 to help your digital marketing, get mobile friendly.

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