Jim Rohn Building Your Network Marketing Business

Jim Rohn   Building Your Network Marketing Business


Per Thomsen says:

When you tell people about your network business it always come back to you
and say”it’s a pyramid scam”
The big difference between a pyramid scam and a real network company are
the pyramid are always one in the top earn on they in the bottom, we say if
you go in to a pyramid in the bottom and pay to the one in the top with a
bottle of wine, perfume or even gold they earn big. Now it’s your turn to
start climb to the top if you’re lucky you get there and get your
A real network company doesn’t work like that. They have a low start up
cost and a monthly fee to continue the work they are doing. The best
companies are they where you never have to sell anything but give away the
product for FREE instead and have a chance to get a residual income month
after month year after year.

Gregory Mas says:

hi, very very good audio, very the best Jim Rohn
thank you

Joylan Netter says:

Profits are better than wages; wages make you a living; profits make you a
fortune! Both are fine; it depends on what you want!!
‘i gave my kids 2 bicycles; one to ride and one to rent, so they could
learn what it meant to make a profit”

Frank Olist says:

Scott Brooks , what do you do for a living

TeamDogPoundYPR says:

God bless you Jim Rohn

Talal Kawar says:

this has to be one of the best audio and drive time tool available today.
that has helped me increase results in my biz and changed my mind set to
the better over the last 4 years 

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