Q+A with Former Hollywood Starlet-Turned-Entrepreneur, Michelle Lewis

Q+A with Former Hollywood Starlet-Turned-Entrepreneur, Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis is a Visibility Expert and podcast host who specializes in giving gorgeous videos, powerful livestreams and courses to launching ladypreneurs. Lewis helps her clients set up chic systems, brand themselves like a badass and absolutely rock their videos through her online courses and Facebook Group The Visible Entrepreneur”. She is the founder of Visibility Vixen and the Visibility Summit: Message Mastery.

Lewis has a film/tv background, working both in front of and behind the camera on shows like “Paycheck”, “Pretty Little Liars” + “Chuck”.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and protective pug, Olliver. In her spare time she visits coffee shops, rides horses and directs short films and music videos.

HBM: Can you share your professional background? 

Lewis: “My professional background is in film and television. I was raised following my Dad around the world on film sets, watching him work with top directors and actors in the business. I thought that I’d have the same path, so I got my degree in film and worked in television for ten years. After being chronically exhausted from fourteen hour work days, I wondered if I could work from home. After investigating the online space {specifically fb groups}, I saw a huge need for entrepreneurs who wanted to start making videos or livestreaming, but had no idea how. I knew that was my path. So I created Visibility Vixen – based in Los Angeles – where I help people through online courses, my podcast, online summits and a group coaching program.”

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HBM: How did you launch and grow your first home business? 

Lewis: “I launched Visibility Vixen knowing I wanted to create online courses to provide a platform to help people learn what took me so long to with steps to make their business more visible. It started with a 5 day challenge called “Comfy On Camera”. That started my Facebook group “The Visible Entrepreneur” growing, my list growing and people purchasing my courses. I definitely put in the work, but had no idea where I was headed!”

HBM: What are some of the most effective tips you can give to those looking to start a home-based business?

Lewis: “Do the work. Stay off of Facebook. Stop comparing yourself. I think those are the three biggest pitfalls it’s incredibly easy to fall into as you start trying to grow your business. I was just on the phone with a client today who was feeling totally stuck because she isn’t making six figures already while “everyone else” is. The truth is that they are completely irrelevant to what you’re doing right now. Build it. Keep building it. It’s not easy, it’s not quick. But you’re building your business for the long haul so you’re not a ‘flash in the pan’ like many of those sudden six figure businesses.”

HBM: You’re launching a Visibility Summit: Message Mastery online. With so many out there now, what makes yours different? 

Lewis: “There are absolutely so many summits out there! But, those summits usually have 40-100 guest speakers that all talk about different topics…with most interviews being conducted via Skype. I wanted to create something more intimate that showcased my film background and offered people a totally immersive experience into messaging.

So, once people sign up to this complimentary Visibility Summit: Message Mastery, for 5 days they will be able to watch 8 intensives on absolutely nailing your online message. From core purpose, to creating a brand that people love, to choosing brand colors with intention, to writing your story into your social media posts, to developing a key message marketing strategy, to putting your message into your sales page so it converts, to create your own unique publicity message. We’re covering it all so that our audience can walk away with actual progress in their business.

Plus, the Summit is in person. You see me face to face with these people. It’s not a droning hour-long snooze. It is 20-30 minutes of action packed teaching all shot on 4k cameras so it looks as gorgeous as the speaker sounds.

There is also an optional upgrade where you can download the 35 page workbook to immediately integrate the information into your own business and watch exclusive question and answer segments with each speaker.

Nothing like this is on the market right now because I sat down, researched how I could make something even more impactful and made it happen.”

HBM: What trends in online marketing and visibility do you think we will see in 2017?

Lewis: “I think we’ll see a gradual shift from email lists to messenger bots {like with Facebook}. It’s already begun, and the open and click-through rates are through the roof. People want to communicate on their social media…not so much with email.

I also think there will be some shifts in livestreaming as platforms do everything they can to get you to watch longer to stay on their platforms.

There also might be an introduction of being able to boost your lives while you’re recording so they pop up into more people’s profiles, increasing views and commenting.”

HBM: You run your business on your own. How do you balance work with life as an entrepreneur? 

Lewis: “Coming from a challenging health past, I know the cost of not prioritizing balance. So that’s number one for me. I have no problem stopping everything if my body is telling me it’s too much.

I set firm boundaries in my business and personal life.

No parasites are allowed in my life. That can be anything that sucks my time or energy. People, commitments, “asks”. I don’t participate in that.

Since I require a ton of creative space to do what I do; I set work hours, I take days off and I have no problem saying no. It’s a built skill I’ve had to learn, but it actually helps me serve more people in the long run in my zone of genius.

I am gradually training my first virtual assistant as my next step of balance and she has already been a huge lifesaver, especially with managing my Facebook group as it continues to grow. I highly recommend that step to anyone who needs some work hours taken off of their plate.”

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