Renegade Millionaire Travis Jenkins Shares His Secrets to Home Improvement Marketing Success

Renegade Millionaire Travis Jenkins Shares His Secrets to Home Improvement Marketing Success Travis Jenkins, successful home improvement business owner with more than 60 million dollars in sales, shares his secrets to extrem…



Business Critique says:


MsNoview says:

Great video, and always remember there is room for improvement!

lam xuan tran says:


le minh says:

cooles video.

MonsterzPs3 says:

I dont often leave comments but I felt like I had to this time, Really nice
video! I dont know what it was about it, but I really enjoyed it!

gbetechful says:

I’ve heard of mr Jenkins before, but thought all of these was just lies!

ishikachandrakar says:

i love this! continue to make more like these. subscribing!

maranjosie991 says:

does he also write any ebooks? I’m very interested in this mans work….

robinsonqnichole says:

love the free training videos, they’re very informative

huyanFCA says:

Calm down you are overwhelming us with your awesomeness!!

mrly0ns says:

I’m glade my friend sent me here, you can learn a lot from Travis Jenkins

Booty260 says:

Ill sub ya

Tritt Insgesicht says:

Like it!! Please make more for me to watch 🙂

Travis Lane Jenkins says:

@YanceyHI glad to help! 🙂

le minh says:

Very nice 🙂 loving the creativity and effort your putting in.

ScluvSjEunhyuk43v3r says:


varekovaveronika says:

love your blog, plz keep it up to date!

Nemisis99 says:

BTW travis feel free to get my comment removed because I have roughly 300
youtube accounts and can go on forever.

handwritten74 says:

I thought the one on one training was going to be a scam, but turns out I
was wrong!

Quach Thanh says:

Cant wait to see more videos

Bosna Zu says:

Really great video!

Tom Yancey says:

Wow! Now I know why I kept losing tons of money on advertising

YanceyHI says:

Travis and ATX Global has helped my company consistently be on the 1st page
of Google over and above my competitors for the very competitive keywords
everyone in my niche is fighting over.

Travis Lane Jenkins says:

@YanceyHI glad to help! 🙂

Rhythm Gremlin says:

this video made my week

teamster73 says:

Any more proof that this is real….

vic lavallee says:

any discounts on bulk one on one training?

mikahnozuafify says:

Looking forward to future videos! =)

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