Roxanne Grinage Explains Standard Access To Litigation Marketing Careers

Roxanne Grinage Explains Standard Access To Litigation Marketing Careers

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Keither9 says:

We have this amazing script my beautiful wife wrote. At USC where she
received her Masters in Journalism it took her 11 years to write the first
draft submitted as her assignment where the cold bell of Hollywood rings
true and tape worms could keep you on camera when you need to get skinny
fast, anyway the most wonderful love story with the rose and the thorn,
gritty sweet and no one would touch it. She was underage & wanted, to be in
the mix and people only buy lollypops and dreams sold on tv

Roxanne Grinage says:

You’re right about the complicated part of your comment. I should have used
annotations to recent videos which have gelled a clarified focus with
actual things community can do to slow a child slaughter u.s. economy court
and education reform emergncy in America. Wrong about the career part of
the comment…I pray every day for the rescue of my grandchildren whose
slaughter can be monitored in all related dockets docket never lies,,,USDC
209cv4119MSG Roxanne Grinage v Fern Brown Caplan, Esquire

Luki Lotus says:

Can anyone complicate things anymore then this. We are victims. This sounds
like an career for the one talking, but goes nowhere for the victims that
watch this. You want to see a kidnapper above the justice system ? Check
out (cpscorruption.wmv) its the real deal documents how corrupt court cases
can be.

Dewdaahman says:

wihout jobs a career is out of the question..

Roxanne Grinage says:

As always highwaysong007, your viewing and your comment(s) are greatly
appreciated. Much respect! roxanne

Mia Gilbert says:

Great concept!.

Roxanne Grinage says:

All who wish to participate in the planning process for a national
parenting rights convention and rally are invited to join Leon Koziol, J.D.
Civil Rights Advocate who filed the New York Civil Rights Child Custody
Lawsuit which named unified judicial system. Tonight 2/13/11 7:00 PM EST
(605) 477-3000 Enter 561737 Hit # key.

Roxanne Grinage says:

As always, highwaysong007 your viewing and your comments are much
appreciated, Much respect! roxanne

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