Say Goodbye to Netflix and Chill with This New Business

Say Goodbye to Netflix and Chill with This New Business

Kayla Pickana

Bonding Bees is a subscription box business that delivers everything needed for a fun and creative date night right from home. The goal is to help couples keep their relationships a priority, and to “unplug” at least once a month to focus on each other.

Founder of Bonding Bees, Kayla Pickana, wanted to create a subscription based service to help couples keep the romance alive even with their busy schedules. Kayla has first-hand experienced the slump couples can get into when they don’t make their relationship and date night a priority. Previously married for a short period of time, Kayla and her then-husband got too comfortable too early on. Eventually, things began to fizzle, and by the time they were married, the spark was no longer there. They completely disconnected themselves from each other, and she knew that when they were on their honeymoon sleeping in different beds, that it would be like this for the rest of the relationship. They grew too far apart, and decided to end their marriage.

Upon ending the relationship, Kayla made a personal vow to treat the next romantic relationship she got involved in completely different. Just recently moving in with her current boyfriend, they both have made an active decision to be fully engaged with one another, to turn off their phones, and to experience new things together. Thus, Bonding Bees was born.

Kayla’s main goal is to help couples keep their relationships a priority and to experience a fun, unique date night without all of the time and effort that goes into planning it. With Bonding Bees, subscribers have something to look forward to together every month, while falling in love over and over again.

Their mission statement is simple: Gather, Give, Grow. Couples will gather for one night a month, leaving all electronics and stress to the side. Now is the time to focus on each other and spend real quality time bonding. They will give to each other by investing their time in date night and keeping their relationship a priority. Every date also helps sponsor a child in need. As Bonding Bees continues to grow, they will continue to sponsor and help children in poverty who desperately need the help. Part of Bonding Bees goal was to give back to others and help those in need. And they will grow, through their customized date nights. They’re designed to help you learn more, and even challenge each other, while rekindling the spark and growing your love.

So, what’s in the box? That’s the best part – it’s a secret! The reason is for couples to enjoy a surprise together. Each month will have a unique theme with activities to go along with it. The activities include crafts, games, recipes, relationship building, challenge cards, dessert, etc. Occasionally, boxes include a personalized gift and/or item for the home.

The month-to-month subscription service is broken up into three payment methods. Curious is a month to month service at $34.25 a month, Crushing (3 months prepaid at $30.82 a month) and Committed (6 months prepaid at $27.74 a month). Subscribers are able to cancel their memberships at any time.

Kayla is extremely passionate about love, but is aware how easily life can get in the way and grow relationships apart. Her hope is for couples to stay engaged, learn more about one another, and to keep the romance alive.

For more information on Bonding Bees, visit their website at:

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