Serial Entrepreneur Connects Eco-Conscious Consumers

Serial Entrepreneur Connects Eco-Conscious Consumers

Leaving a Mark on the World While Staying Grounded

Kyle Michaud is the founder of Experience Expositions, a leading operator of business-to-consumer festivals.

Beginning at the early age of 22, entrepreneurism has always been something that flowed through Kyle Michaud’s veins. His “sky’s the limit” approach to business has made him successful across several industries, recently finding a special place in production-based expositions. Currently 25 years old, Kyle’s impressive portfolio serves as inspiration to many young adults wanting to make an impact on the world. After selling his first company, which he considers his biggest business achievement, Kyle went on to found Experience Expositions.

Experience Expositions is a leading operator of business-to-consumer festivals, producing more than 10 North American festivals annually. These festivals include the Green Planet Festival, The Yoga Expo, and the recently announced South Florida VegFest. Through a strong social media presence and highly strategic partnerships, Kyle is able to saturate his target audience of Yogis and eco-conscious consumers with each new festival he produces.

Sustainability and positive, healthy living are among the trends seen across all of the festivals produced by Experience Expositions. The Green Planet Festival, which recently took place in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was created to bridge eco-conscious consumers with environmentally-sustainable companies, products, ideas and services, and inspire change in the community and lifestyle of its constituents. The Yoga Expo welcomes Yogis of all experience levels to attend and practice in one of the seven cities where the festival currently has presence. It offers classes and workshops, strengthening the yoga community, and allows individuals to explore practices, taste sustainable foods and try out new beverages.

The South Florida VegFest is set to be held on Saturday, December 3. This not-to-miss event will include food samples, cooking demonstrations, live music and more. As a Boca Raton native, Kyle has found that keeping local roots within his business practices aids in his success and growth as not only a professional, but as a community member as well.

Aside from his serial entrepreneurism, Kyle still makes time to give back to his community. He is currently a Mentor with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program, a Mentor at the BBBS Afterschool Program at Boca Elementary School, and speaks regularly to young kids and teens at multiple schools throughout the Broward and Palm Beach counties. Kyle believes that success and giving-back go hand in hand. He plans to remain active within his community, and hopes that his success will continue to allow him to travel the world. For upcoming events, visit

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