The Truth About Network Marketing? Is MLM a Pyramid Scheme?

The Truth About Network Marketing?  Is MLM a Pyramid Scheme? – Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme? Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a legitimate business model th…



Thomas Meli says:

Beautiful and extremely clear. Thank you for this Aron.

Bradley Perez says:

Oh god… this video is a scheme!

Kadia Chamime says:

after watching this video you your life will be changed forever, this is
your unique chance to realize your dream,
welcome in my team is up to you to decide

Mrbobboegeorge says:

Research at Corporate affairs. ask about a NM company that you have heard
of. . May Kay cosmetics. Herbalife. Amway . etc . look them up in the phone
book and find their headquarters and pay a visit and see for your self.
They have just much standing in business circles as Myer. David Jones. K
mart . Coles. This type of marketing has been in operation for over 80
years .

Mrbobboegeorge says:

It’s quite obvious that many people that comment on here do not have enough
information .. Go to your Governments corporate affairs and check out the
company you want to. This not a Spam . It’s a legit vidio with someone
talking about a legal legitimate marketing system .. The saturation
principle in the field just never happens. consider 100 000 people in one
NM company in a population of many millions. ???

Ethan Vanderbuilt says:

I want to start off by saying this video is a lie. I am not going to waste
my time responding to all of the lies. Lets just take the first one. “3
Ways To Earn Money” I can’t believe anyone could take this video seriously
with this kind of stupidity. Here is a break down of a few of the ways you
can earn money: Employment, Self Employment, Investment, Renting Property,
Charity, Gambling, ect.

rock rock says:

piece of buying this?

Big Bad Wolf says:

No wonder those millioners think that MLM is a great idea. I think is
great. you make a shit product and you don’t hire employe just tell some
dude to sell it for you but he has to pay you money first. Than you take
his money for every seminar , traning and get the money from the stuff he
sells. If the product is shit and there is no demand for it. No problem You
still get rich from selling people the dream of being rich and just tell
them they suck if the Fail.

Aurore Jones says:

yes network marketing is legitimate, those who say the contrary really need
to do their proper due diligence and stop being ignorant. More millionaires
are being made in network marketing than any other profession. However
instead of just going to your friends and family members, you need to
become a pro and learn how to marketing using 21st century marketing
strategies from youtube to facebook, SEO and so on. If you are not prepared
to do the work stop right there.

Ethan Vanderbuilt says:

Network marketing goes under scam.

BlueKnyght says:

The Truth about Network Marketing and MLM… it is not an honest business
technique. I am a commerce student, and we have analyzed MLM, and we
arrived to a situation in MLM or networking, which we called “Area
Saturation”. To make it short, the lowermost downlines will have the most
difficulty to sell. Only the toplines will have the benefits of such a
scheme. For us, we know that this will happen, but if we kept going, then
we are giving false promises to future downlines.

mats Fredriksen Frøyen says:

And Network Marketing goes under: Self Employment…

rock rock says:


Steven D. Earhart says:

Network Marketing is great, but most people don’t know how to market, so
they hit up their friends and family. Some people manage to build a team
but then end up going around Wal-Mart, the mall, & Starbucks talking to
random strangers trying to build a business… That’s like watching a movie
on a VHS tape instead of a Blue Ray Player Everything is online folks…
Learn the “Secret” to sponsoring like crazy and earning 100% commissions by
visiting: WorldWideSponosoring(dot)com

Mrbobboegeorge says:

Never seen such negativity . from someone who knows nothing. Go to the
headquarters of a couple of these companies and find out for your self. ..

Jojo Vallejo says:

i like this

TheDGrimz says:

The company knows 999 out of 1000 people are not going to find many people
to join the business. Once your done asking all your friends, family
memebers, and coworkers, your pretty much done. Unless your waiting outside
of a supermarket trying to hassle strangers who don’t trust/care what your
business is. As long as you got maybe 4 people to join ($2000 in startup
costs) than youve done your job by making the company (NOT YOU)
richer…Once your tired of failing time and time again trying to

rock rock says:

your right…i hate network marketing ..seriously? your income will be
coming from the registtration fee of your member? i cant beleive people are
buying this lies..

Даниил Григорьев says:

Check the legality of a profitable business Click on my page “discussion”

Master Wong says:

If you need help in Making Money Online email me at

Mrbobboegeorge says:

Sigh .. So many people out there holding to old grudges.. Get real and
research at the corporate level. Govt corporate affairs. Look up the
headquarters of some companies you have heard of and pay them a visit. They
all have open days . Now with the internet the world is open for
recruiting. Don’t worry your relatives etc. That was done by excited new
members and not encouraged by the companies. .

Mrbobboegeorge says:

Please open your eyes and research further. Go out to the field and visit
the head quarters of several NM companies and see for your self. Say 100
000 people in one NM company in a country of Millions of people. Then say
30 % of the NM ppl quit at the end of the year which in reality does happen
.also not everyone does the same work . some a lot some little an some no
work . perhaps just wholesale buyers. . This business model has been in
operation for over 80 years and is still going strong

Gabriel Hill says:

It takes work. You get what you put into it. If you don’t apply what you
learn then you won’t get paid. There are no promises in this industry. Not
one. And if you aren’t doing well then keep doing it until you start to get
better. A bianary is a pain in the ass. MLM is not easy to be in. You have
to bust your ass for little return. The two main companies that you can get
paid well in are Neucopia and Empower Network.

Mark McCulloch says:

Hey Absolutely fantastic video Really enjoyed watching the excellent
content Will be back again soon for more Mark

Steve Pacheco says:

After years of pain and dealing with companies getting shut down getting
lame 15% commissions.. Family and friends spit on my dreams and told me to
keep my job at Wall-Mart… Knowing in my heart I WAS BORN to succeed. I
started playing online.. I finally broke through and sponsored my first 100
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