Twitter: discover what’s new in your world

Twitter: discover what’s new in your world

To download this song for free go to: The new is coming soon to all users! Twitter is the best way to dis…



Jellymonster says:

Holy crap this is so old but I remember when New Twitter was a big thing

Savecityofheroes Savecityofheroes says:

I like to note a public service to note that Twitter is full of shit! I.D
theft hazard. also noted that people that are members of twitter do fuck
with each other and twitter suspend people the wrong people to protect
cyber attackers. and then make a excuse about the rules and regulations of
twitter. I say FUCK YOU! Freedom of rights is any one. not only a few when
those these fucking ass holes of twitter did not follow the law? why not
get after like TONY V cohtitan network that had been fucking with me . for
people who wants to fuck back. make a new email and make a new twitter
account and put a fake name.
then go after any cyber attacker Twitter is one giant cyber war

aldrin tigon says:

How to post in facebook via Twitter on android? 

Semiha Tuzluoglu says:
AnimalKingdom says:

I still don’t get what Twitter is.

Shivani Zwetsloot says:

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Rey Galdamez says:

Twitter es mi red social favorita 

iSergii says:

@SergiiSanchez<-- Follow me! Thanks!! :D

سيف الله المسلول سيف الله المسلول says:
addsocials says:

So did he twit her?

REX MEI700 says: entren y pongan seguirrrrr

Annamaria Provini says:


woozlala wooz says:

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سيف الله المسلول سيف الله المسلول says:
Vonna Ray says:

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Forever Hipster says:

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Javier Loren says:

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Evan Lanam says:

white balance?

Vonna Ray says:

@raevona_ Upcoming Poet, Author, & PlayWriter


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Cara R says:

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Kardon Ali says:

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jennsyoung says:

The New #Twitter ?? 

Bertus Nel says:

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Saad EL Maghraby says:

very nice music

Merged with @TheAspectSociety says:

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Kurrell Howard says:

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Sruti Singh says:

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Emmanuel Vega says:


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