Vibrant Body Company Helps Revolutionize the Way Women Think and Feel About Their Bras

Vibrant Body Company Helps Revolutionize the Way Women Think and Feel About Their Bras

For Intimates, Health, Comfort and Sexiness Are Non-Negotiable

Eighty-five percent of women hate their bras. They know their bra is uncomfortable but what they may not realize is that it may also have a negative impact on their health. When it comes to intimates, the issue of health has been neglected and ignored for far too long. Most bras are restrictive, and made with wires and toxin-laden foam padding. Even the most recognized apparel and intimates brands use harsh chemicals in their fabrics. These are harmful materials, next to a women’s most porous and intimate body parts. Vibrant Body Company has created ‘intentional intimates’, made to be first layer that touches a women’s body, designed by women for comfort and health. Every aspect of the Vibrant Bra is intentional and made with a women’s body in mind.

Vibrant Body Company’s marquee product, the patented Vibrant Bra, was the creation of an unparalleled team of professionals. Beginning with legendary Grand Dame of intimate apparel, Roslyn Harte. Vibrant engaged Roslyn’s 75 years’ worth of industry knowledge to comprehensively understand what women have always expected from their bras. A key influencer, Roslyn also works as an advisor on post-surgical undergarments for breast cancer survivors. It was a coup for Roslyn to join the design team of the Vibrant Bra.

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Through Roslyn’s vast pool of knowledge, the Vibrant brought on, Heidi Lehman as Chief Designer. Heidi is one of the most recognized names in the bra and lingerie industries as a top designer at Triumph/Valsere, with multiple industry patents in her name. Arguably, the world’s foremost designer of bras was commissioned to bring the bra squarely into the 21st Century, and after years of research and development, the first Vibrant Bra was created. Heidi’s revolutionary and patented design was a perfect synthesis of established expectations of support, while also addressing modern concerns of health, comfort, and sustainability.  As a result, it was awarded a utility patent, making this revolutionary design a practical reality for woman everywhere.

Vibrant Body Company is powered with an award-winning team of passionate designers and experts in women’s health to bring together intentional intimates that are consciously designed. The team also includes:

Michael Drescher, Founder: a media entrepreneur decide to launch the company after recently losing a dear friend to breast cancer, and was at a family gathering when a relative enlightened him with the knowledge that we are all electrical beings, and not meant to be restricted. For Michael, connecting the dots seemed obvious. He immersed himself in how the body works and built a team that was truly passionate about empowering women. This was the beginning of the Vibrant Body Company.

Karl Heinz Barth, HEAD OF PRODUCTION: An Internationally recognized specialist in the Private Label bra industry, Karl’s career at Triumph extended 25+ years where he oversaw production.

Dr. Rashida Karmali, PATENT ATTORNEY: Bringing together expertise at the intersection of cancer research and patent law, she has a PhD in Biochemistry, a research position at Memorial Sloan Kettering and a JD from Rutgers School of Law.

Reinhold Burr, HEAD OF DESIGN: The recipient of dozens of industry awards, he has more patents than anyone in the industry, involved instrumentally with design, the last 35+ years, at Triumph.

Diana Nicholson, GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADOR: Diana is health and wellness editor, fitness expert, health coach and the owner of Malibu Beach Pilates and Diana Nicholson Wellness. She understands not only how a women’s body works, but what makes a women truly feel and exude sexiness.

The team has a cumulative 125+ years of intimates experience whose combined minds and talents have created 132 designs, 211 prototypes and 1 perfect bra.

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