What does The Donald say about Network Marketing ?

What does The Donald say about Network Marketing ?

With all the current news about The Donald possibly running for President, here’s a timely video about Trump promoting his own Network Marketing Company. Int…



Arturo Maltos says:

Its seems like no matter where they are or what language they speak… the
networkers are the same type of brainwashed people, repeating the same
stupid arguments that they were instructed to repeat.

MLM Pro says:


James Hendrick says:

I see all these stupid little ads saying network marketing as a scam. I
assure you it is not. I’ve met people on the way to succes who are genuine
people. It’s how you work it.

Mike Papadopoulos says:

Great statements regarding Success!!

Lifestyle Business says:

Always listen to people whose lives work. He does something right, clearly!

dimitar petkov says:

well well well you cant call a scam an industry for 161bn can you?.

est mike says:

A small capital and no risk! Because its use system and leverage ; ) 

Charles Regnery says:

MLM is the future!!! The key is finding one that is on the ground level.
That’s exactly what I did. My company is only 4 years into network
marketing, and it is awesome!!!! Seriously, if you are looking for one in
the health and wellness field, I have something which will knock your socks
off!!!!!! Contact me if interested…

wassana thukchai says:
porkminez says:

It’s sad that you have been brain washed and made to believe that MLM is
legit LOL.

tanksniperjoe says:

But public markets saturate their products with fillers ,like corn, that
drop the quality of everything. Make-up was made with natural wax in it.
Now, big companies use fillers to drop the manufacturing cost and keep the
price high, for extra profits. The “public” have no control over this.
Private markets are better for the quality of products because the profits
go to the consumers and if the quality drops, the consumers are out,
leaving the company disabled.

brianw822 says:

MLM is a scam

Jerry Vinson says:

Those who do not understand the value of network marketing, and the fact
that corporations market every day with word of mouth network marketing,
are missing one of the greatest strategies for the ordinary family to get
out of working for people who couldn’t care less about them, and start
taking control of their own lives.

Dishon Anderson says:

Syntek Global

Moises Calderon says:

X wrong! that’s your opinion about MLM. Do your homework then you can talk.
You are probably a person who never done it, only heard of it and never
going too start.

Randall Klassen says:

Wow, that’s just ignorant, you know he gets paid millions to endorse this
scam of an industry? Anyone with grade 7 math should be able to determine
MLM to be a scam. Sad people still fall for these quasi-legal pyramid
schemes in this day and age. I work as a financial analyst, I own 2
corporations and I do fine. Some people watch too much celebrity

Danl says:

Your funny! 🙂

Amy Joy says:

MLM = scam for losers who have no ability to get a real job and no morals
because they do not care that they are lying and deceiving people. Of
course Trump is positive on MLM because he is a LOSER just like Kiyosaki.

Dayze Pearce says:

Hmm your English sounds idiotic. Be wise in your decisions and choices yes.
But there are a few companies out there using MLM to market a product
worthy of retailing. When you find that product you should jump on it!
investigate it and if its something you know you can do, go for it! Stupid
to condem people to sticking with their day jobs (educated or not) when you
can create a wonderful lifestyle for yourself. To think otherwise is

Michael Holm says:

MLM is the future we’re here to create happiness

Randall Klassen says:

There are various quasi-legal mlm pyramid schemes out there.

Jeremy Smeets says:

You want to know what’s a pyramid scam? Most every day jobs that ordinary
people go to for 70% of their life so their bosses can keep their fatter

Tine Antonisen says:


Randall Klassen says:

MLM is flawed due to having multiple and unnecessary pyramid distribution
levels and placing no limit on the number of distributors. Amway is a well
known scam, making billions yet most distributors don’t make anything.
Amway also does not meet the FTC’s minimum external sales requirement to
not be classified as an illegal pyramid scheme. In legitimate franchises,
franchisees do not recruit other franchisees and so on, that’s just stupid.

Jeremy Smeets says:

Actually, the only reason most people even go to their job is because they
are threatened to get fired. If you put in the same 8 hours a day in
network marketing as you would working at a place like Walmart, you would
actually be successful. But when people get freedom like you would in acn
or any of the other companies like it give you, people start to slack off
and eventually quit. Most people seem to have a lack of self motivation.
Believe in yourself, don’t quit, and work consistently.

Даниил Григорьев says:

Check the legality of a profitable business Click on my page “discussion”

Aura MLM Reviews says:

Very inspiring video. Network marketing is definitely the business of the
21st century. Feel that you are a winner and better than the competition.

ajradel says:

Lol…people calling donald trump a scam artist. haha. thats why he has more
money than every single person who ever commented on this combined. The
world is ran on money, you want to have so much it doesn’t matter. not
slave your entire life away to work just to retire with a small amount.
Network marketing is a 167 Billion dollar industry. Its common sense. Do
research..your listening to one of the richest men in the world..i highly
advise taking his advice.

networkmarketingo says:

MLM is only a scam if it doesnt work! You need to pick the correct MLM

Zack Johnson says:

MLM is not a scam. Amway has a multi level marketing structure. Are they a
scam? No. The owner of Amway owns a basketball team I think. Anyways, if
you guys want to join a free network marketing training seminar then go
here: easymoneycash.info

Mike P says:

CEO > President > Vice Presidents > Middle Management > Team
Leaders/Supervisors > Hard Working Employees That’s a pyramid scheme. The
money you earn lowers as you go down right? Now whoever calls MLM a scam,
stop being ignorant. You’re most likely in one right now.

Randall Klassen says:

Well, MLM is a quasi-legal pyramid scheme, so unlikely to be shut down
anytime soon. Sad that people still fall for these schemes though, any 12
year old can determine MLM to be unsustainable and a scam.

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